Commercial Photo Gallery

Infrared Camera showing water on commercial carpet

Water Intrusion in South Tampa Commercial Building

South Tampa rains left this business Under Water!  They had rain water enter their offices.  We extracted water from commercial carpeting and placed drying equipment for 4 days.  This company reacted quickly and was able to continue working with little inconvenience.  If you have water intrusion in your home or business, call SERVPRO of South Tampa at (813) 839-6633 for extraction and dehumidification. 

Cleaning Floor Tile and Grount

Cleaning Floor Tile and Grount in Tampa

We got a call from a local business to come and clean their bathrooms. This picture shows the difference between a dirty floor, and after SERVPRO of South Tampa does your tile and grout cleaning.

Bank Teller Dye Pack Explodes

Cleaning an Exploded Bank Tellers Dye Pack in Tampa

We got a call from a local bank in Tampa to come assist in cleaning an exploded dye pack that is used to prevent money theft. When we arrived, their was red dye all over the desk, floor, and some on the walls. Using our advanced cleaning techniques, SERVPRO of South Tampa was able to get everything back to normal!

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in South Tampa

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in South Tampa

SERVPRO of South Tampa did this commercial duct cleaning at this local Tampa business and helped improve the indoor air quality of their offices.

Some of the benefits of doing service to your business's HVAC unit is to restore the peak energy efficiency, eliminate old or offensive odors and rescues the potential for mold growth.

Commercial Sofa Restoration

Commercial Sofa Restoration in Tampa

SERVPRO of South Tampa has done many types of commercial restorations. One may not realize that furniture restorations isn't just for residential jobs, but also for business. This job was a leather sofa that was stored in a local businesses storage. We completely restored the sofa to make it look as good as new by removing the cuts, scuffs, and restoring the original color. 

If you're looking for a furniture restoration in Tampa, give us a call at (813) 839-6633

Commercial Carpet one side dirty other side clean

Commercial Carpet Cleaning - grease & dirt

A local South Tampa business called us to clean years of grease, dirt and foot traffic stains from their office carpet.  You can see the difference between the dirty side and the clean side in this photo.  Call SERVPRO of South Tampa at 813-839-6633 to schedule your carpet cleaning today!