Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Warehouse roof caving in from storm

Commercial Storm Damage & Disaster Recovery in Tampa

Our SERVPRO of South Tampa Disaster Recovery Team can provide help if you're business is dealing with a tornado, hurricane, blizzard or flood. Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, we are prepared for the unpredictable. Keep our number saved in your phone as we prepare for another crazy upcoming storm season here in Tampa Bay!

Storm Damaged Ceiling in a Residential Property

Repairing a Damaged Ceiling After a Storm in Tampa

We got a call from a home owner for water damage from a storm, and potential mold in one part of the house. Once we were able to get into the attic, our crew realized that there was roof damage during the last big storm that we had, causing water to get in through the roof. We located and treated all the affected areas, and then removed all of the damaged material such as rotten wood. Give SERVPRO of South Tampa a call if you need expert help in restoring your property after a storm!

Commercial Ceiling Storm Damage

Fixing an Office Ceiling from Thunderstorm Damage in Tampa

We got a call for storm damage that occurred at this Tampa office building when thunderstorms along with strong winds passed over. The high winds tore a section of the roofing off which then allowed the rain to enter the interior of the building. There was damage to the ceiling tiles, insulation, the walls, and the flooring. Call SERVPRO of South Tampa if your property is damaged from the next major storm!

Ybor City offices flood.

When this office building flooded in (Ybor City) Tampa FL, SERVPRO of South Tampa removed the water and placed drying equipment immediately. We were able to get the building dry in 3 days." Like it Never happened "