Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Burnt Pot

Kitchen Fire Damage

We received a call from a customer who left a pot of food simmering.  Food left unattended can slowly burn leaving extreme odor that travels thru a home into textiles and HVAC systems.  The odor can penetrate walls, insulation and much more. This pot was so hot that it burnt the finish off the bottom and the inside. 

Practice these safety tips in the kitchen:  1) Never leave your range or cooktop unattended while cooking.  2) Wear short, close-fitting or tightly rolled sleeves.  3) Keep your cooking area clean and free of combustible materials.  4) Keep packaging, oven mitts & towels away from your stovetop. 5) Be sure to clean up any spills or splattered grease.  6) Keep a fire extinguisher readily available.

If you have any smoke or fire damage, give SERVPRO of South Tampa a call at (813) 839-6633.

Smoke Damaged Home Ceiling

Restoring Residential Fire Damaged Ceiling in Tampa

We got a call from a local home owner who suffered a fire in their home. The smoke and soot stained the ceiling and belongings in their home. SERVPRO of South Tampa has professional cleaning techniques to remove stains and restore your home back to normal conditions after dealing with a fire.

Smoke Damaged Carpets

Cleaning Carpet from Fire Smoke Damage in Tampa

We got a call from a local home owner that had stairs that had been damaged by soot from smoke after a small fire inside of her property. This carpet has had a couple swipes of our carpet cleaning machine. You can see where the machine has gone and how the carpets were effected. Give SERVPRO of South Tampa a call if you have any smoke or fire damage!

Residential Home Ceiling Fire Damage

Residential Home Ceiling Fire Damage in Tampa

Here we have an example of what it looks like when there has been a fire indoors, and the smoke stains the ceiling. With our advanced cleaning techniques, SERVPRO of South Tampa was able to restore and clean the properties smoke damage.

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen Fire

There was a fire in the kitchen that spread smoke and soot throughout the house.  We cleaned the whole house and content.  The upper kitchen cabinets and ceiling had to be removed and replaced.